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Trick or Treat (Pumpkin Game)
  • White pumpkin is equivalent to 1 pt. each, Yellow pumpkin is equivalent to 3 points each and orange pumpkin is equivalent to 5 pts each, all these pumpkins will be hidden in the attractions.
  • All participants have 3 mins. to find as many pumpkins as they can inside the attraction before the attendant says "Stop!“
  • Players, together with the hosts will add up the numbers on the pumpkins each of them found.
  • The host will then gather all these pumpkins and record the points each team gets.
  • The player with the most points wins! And gets a bigger bunch of chocolates while the loosing team gets smaller candies.
  • Attendants will then collect all the pumpkins from
  • Last stop will be at the Shrek Swamp where the group must look for the hidden keys (3) of the Treasure Box which contains the golden pumpkin with the biggest value of 10 pts.
Scared Shrekless
  • Will be the featured 2D movie at the Dream Theatre 
Halloween Dream Runway
  • Kids in a Halloween Costume will compete in this competition.
  • Pictures of participants shall be posted in DreamPlay FB Page.
  • On November 1, the pictures which earned the most number of likes and shares shall win special prizes